Thursday, May 26, 2022

From: Marc Harty
RE: Get known, get traffic, get leads, get results, get going!

Dear Business Marketer,

marc006-100Most business owners and even marketing professionals face a common enemy. An enemy that’s there, day and night, month after month, 365 days a year.

It’s the marketing monster. And it’s got one helluva an appetite. It demands to be fed. With time. With money. With sweat. And with no sign things will get any easier on the horizon.

Until now.

Because if you struggle with writing, content creation and marketing, I have VERY good news. But first: can you relate to any of these challenges?

  • You feel you should do more with your marketing but can't seem to find any real consistency?
  • You lie in bed at night mentally kicking yourself about what your should have completed today, but didn't?
  • Are you just plain sick over the poor results from previous marketing efforts?

Do you suffer from these KISS OF DEATH mistakes
with your content and lead generation marketing?

Before I share these “avoid at all cost” mistakes, please take the following to heart. First, you’re not alone. Second, it’s not your fault. And third, even marketing professionals make these mistakes!

There was a time when only e-commerce sites pursued web site traffic, online exposure and visibility. Today, businesses you would never imagine generate leads online doing just that. Just look at the shift away from Yellow Pages advertising in recent years. Every contractor you can think of (plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc.) find more of their customers online than ever before.

So what does this mean to you? BIG PICTURE wise, it means more competition, more clutter and more challenges to breakthrough. Research shows the average person is exposed to 5,000 promotional messages every single day! So let’s see if you’re up against what bedevils businesses just like yours when trying to attract prospects, clients and customers online.

The 6 most DEADLY marketing “Kiss of Death” mistakes are:

  • 1. Lack of consistency

    You do something one week or month and then you get busy, and big surprise, you didn’t follow through after that. And maybe you get back to it. Or maybe you don’t.

  • 2. Lack of a compelling message and story

    You can’t just be “on” social media or the web anymore. Everyone is! So you need a relevant and compelling message to stand out.

  • 3. Tactics before strategy

    It starts with the “bright shiny object” syndrome. You jump in because everyone else is. But you haven’t thought things out our through. And strategy isn’t just for big companies anymore.

  • 4. You outsource when you need to “right source”

    You outsource to save time and money. Problem is NO one understands YOUR business like you do. In addition, you don’t provide your outsourcers with the right tools and resources to be successful.

  • 5. Your “inner voice” takes you out of the game!

    DO these whispers sound familiar? It’s too hard. It’s too technical. I’m too far behind. I’ll get around to it when I have the time. I’m afraid to try something new. I was told it wouldn’t work. How many of these how these negative thoughts hold your business hostage?

  • 6. Lack of a system and blueprint to be successful

    Sure, this seems obvious. And yet, even pros often go piecemeal rather than following a proven system for success. Think you already have a blueprint or system? With today’s 24/7 marketing, you could be relying on outdated materials.

Can you relate to any of those mistakes with your own marketing?

If you can, I’m excited to share some GREAT news. Whether you suffer from one or all of the mistakes, your prognosis is NOT fatal. Because I discovered a proven solution and perfect antidote for what ails many a business today.

Now just you imagine what your business and life would be like if those hard to come by clients, customers and coverage was firmly within your grasp rather than slipping through your fingers?

Here’s how you get there…

Thousands push the press release panic button…
meanwhile a few savvy PR marketers profit HANDSOMELY

With online press releases, the game has changed. Google has spoken. And what did they say? That for press releases to continue as valuable, relevant content (and ranked as such), certain SEO “gaming” of content and links will see performance plummet. And that’s not ALL the cleanup Google is doing.

They’re looking at MANY factors: links in all shapes and forms, where press releases are distributed, how they are distributed and more. These changes (and the resulting impact) are felt across the web via recent articles from industry authority publications, all of which sounded the alarm…

Bottom line: the Google crackdown is GOOD NEWS. It restores the original business objective of press releases: to provide relevant news and information. And it penalizes the large amount of crap clogging the system.

These changes also usher in a new generation of press release marketing: PR 3.0. No more gimmicks, tricks, loopholes, lazy writing and OVER optimizing your way to a first page ranking. See ‘ya PR spammers! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

So what does this mean to you and me? Plenty! Because instead of us running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we’ll be flying high. Because you’re about to discover my proven system that gives you everything you need to create competition-thumping, winning content – in press releases and across ALL your marketing channels. In short, you'll instantly be equipped with leading-edge tools and resources to help you complete new and better content faster, easier and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Every system has its cornerstone – and here is where it ALL starts…

My templates faced the ULTIMATE TEST – and I risked
TOTAL public humiliation in front of thousands!

Why a system? Because success, whether in business and in life, is all about having a system and proven process. Success doesn't happen in a vacuum. Neither does killer online publicity.

Here’s a quick tour of your PR Traffic Templates 3.0 system…

Module 1

When I say templates, I mean templates! So before l developed PR Traffic Templates, I examined every press release template on the Web. Free or paid. All to see exactly what was out there. And boy was something missing...

Frankly I was shocked!

The nerve of these web sites passing off a skimpy outline as a press release template?!

Does that sound like a template? A template should make things go faster. Easier. And help you easily customize the template to your own specific needs.

  • Guesswork be gone! Each template is 65% pre-written
  • Prospects hanging on your every word? YES! With these 17 eye-grabbing headlines
  • Proven performance: each template follows Marc’s 7-point formula for better visibility and response
  • Over 6300 first page rankings in the search engines with these traffic-pulling templates
  • The most in demand subjects and topics? INCLUDED!
  • Web 2.0 optimized: exact keyword and link placement for the best search engine performance of any template ANYWHERE

Module 2

Every year, there are over 396,000 Google searches for "press release example." So, will any of those free press release examples do the job? Sure. As long as you want to look and sound like everyone else.

And that's not even the worst thing. You know what is? There's ZERO context. Free press release examples are stand-alone items. They're not part of an integrated system that's geared for success.

Fortunately, ours is. PR Traffic press release examples integrate fully with our 100% story-driven, (not announcement-driven) press release templates and instant story starters.

With, 36 pages of press release examples you'll quickly discover:

  • 3 revealing examples that destroy writer's block at a moment's notice
  • How to use the "bogeyman catch phrase" to build an insane following for your cause
  • Easily transform boring facts into irresistible hooks with the "Units and Measures" example
  • Shave 89% off press release creation time via this proven 4-step process
  • Connect the dots FAST: 7 word-for-word examples for each press release template
  • Built-in story supercharger: See 13 real world press release examples of Marc’s “Instant Story Starters” IN ACTION

Module 3

Which hands-on solution helps you the most? Written instructions for each template? Or me coaching and sharing tips and techniques I reserve for my five figure clients? Before you answer – GREAT NEWS – you get both!

Each template includes full written instructions. And these video tutorials are like me sitting right beside you. I’ll guide you every step of the way – removing any doubt or indecision so you can take consistent and effective action.

Thousands of my students and customers rely on these video tutorials to fill in the gaps. Since I’ve done online press release marketing since 2004, I know the most likely questions to come up. And sure enough, I answer those questions to get you unstuck in these video tutorials!

Nothing’s left out as these video tutorials reveal:

  • Exact Do’s and don’ts when launching a new product or service
  • The biggest mistake EVER when promoting an event – and how to easily avoid it
  • The three steps you MUST do to position yourself as an expert authority
  • How to springboard off of current events for 800% more exposure! Now make the news do your bidding
  • How to fly in the face of prevailing opinion and be proven right – by the media!
  • Turn a 2-minute Google Search into instant news the media loves – a marketing colleague generated six figures from this one technique alone!
  • New technology stories always make news – but only if they follow this precise formula (See template #7)
  • And much more!


Imagine getting your hands on a secret blueprint for gaining instant mind share. Truth is, the right story has captured attention, built billion-dollar businesses and yes, even overthrown governments.

Stories are the ultimate success currency. Think about it. What are the most popular movies? Entertaining stories. Same goes with TV shows, video games and more. It all comes down to the story.

How much easier and FUN would your marketing be with an attention-getting story you can weave through any content you create? Even more so if you didn’t inherit the creative gene in the family?

Enter “Instant Story Starters.” Never, ever, not in a million years will you be at a loss for what to say. Or write. Even better, Instant Story Starters gives your marketing an extra edge, a point of difference that hungry buyers instantly latch on to.

See your content with “new eyes” as Instant Story Starters show you:

  • The “societal stew approach” for instant buzz: how to effectively mix and match current events with popular culture (Page 5)
  • Never miss a hot trend again! My three musts-see trend resources (Page 5)
  • The “Report Card” Story Starter that gets an A in ANY industry (Page 6)
  • The “Paul Harvey technique” that trumps any claim the competition throws at you (Page 7)
  • How to position yourself as an expert in any of these 5 distinct ways (Page 7)
  • The “M Word Method” 99% of marketers fail to add the most believable component of any copy ever written – anywhere! (Page 8)
  • Want more traffic? Turn your content into a handy list. Even MORE handy? are These 29 different ways to format and describe your list for maximum attention (Page 9)
  • Turn predictions into profits? The “21st crystal ball method” reveals 5 examples on how to pull it off whether or not any of your predictions become reality!
  • How to identify those most likely to buy with a single word! Tire-kickers be gone! (Page 10)
  • The most successful movies of ALL TIME use this technique. Here are 7 proven ways to make it yours
  • You’ve never seen Q&A like this! 6 ways to build rapport with even your toughest critic
  • And more!


Your PR Traffic Template System product investment already includes 7 "walk thru' video tutorials. All so you know exactly what to do step-by-proven-step.

This special bonus includes additional accelerated video training tutorials. First, a video that reveals some quick ways to brainstorm ALL Instant Story Starters. Second, it's always easier to "get it" when you can see an example, right? Well, this in-depth video tutorial presents my coaching tips on how to best use the press release examples.

Finally, a "Quick Start" video gives you the big picture and outlines the exact process and critical components for the entire PR Traffic Templates System.


You've customized our template with your content. Good job! Now, your release is ready for publishing. What next? Free site distribution? Paid site? In our tests, paid sites, especially certain ones, always outperform free sites (It's not even close!).

Good thing you'll get my favorite paid PR site – at a 30% discount! For life!

I trust Online PR News with my client's press releases. And even they don't get the same discount I've negotiated for you!

That's a lifetime 30% discount on Online PR News' $79 multimedia release package. This distribution package guarantees 40 FULL-page syndications of your release to some of the top online media outlets.

In addition, you can even embed a video or a slideshow and include Twitter and Facebook streams right on the release page itself! No wonder it’s called the multimedia release. And now you’ll never pay full price for it. Ever!


What’s THE most effective PR and publicity around? The kind that leverages a HOT trending story. In short, you build off the buzz generated by something or someone else making news. But considering that even Fortune 1000 companies and their PR firms fall flat on their faces with failed attempts connecting with breaking news events, how can you possibly hope to succeed?

Simple: pull off a NEWSJACK! What’s a newsjack? According to the author of “Newsjacking” by David Meerman Scott, it’s a way “to inject your ideas into a breaking news story and generate tons of media coverage.” The potential is HUGE – but so is the risk! That’s why you need a definitive guide. All to lead you to the promised land while avoiding the potential land mines.

Newsjack GOLD pulls back the curtain of Newjacking and reveals key takeaways like THESE:

  • How a newsjack done right can outperform a traditional publicity campaign TEN TIMES OVER
  • How anyone can stage a newsjack – even on a shoestring budget
  • The 3 proven success factors of a winning newsjack
  • Anatomy of the ULTIMATE Newsjack: before, during and after
  • 3 FREE must-have tools and resources to get anyone or any business “Newsjack ready”
  • The Newsjack case file: 4 outstanding examples and 1wildly spectacular flameout
  • And more!

Proof and praise for Marc Harty and
the PR Traffic Templates 3.0 System

"If you seek greater visibility online for your business or book, look no further than Marc Harty’s PR Traffic Templates. Marc's insightful PR strategies will provide you with the exact guidance, tools and tactics that get results. As an author of five books, I wish I had Marc’s press release templates when I first started! So for the thousands of authors and writers who have following my training, my message is simple. Marc’s template system will help you get the publicity you deserve. I know it has for me."

Jennifer S. Wilkov
Radio Show Host, Book Consultant & Business Mentor

"Thank you for impacting my business in such a good way. I am an Internet business owner and I also head up one of the bigger online marketing agencies in Malaysia. And I wanted to get into the publicity game. The problem with my old plan is that I couldn’t write a good press release to save my life. The press releases I had written were all rejected by all these big PR sites. As a result, I wasn’t able to capitalize on publicity. Then one day I stumbled across Marc Harty’s Press Release Templates. I passed them on to my team. And they wrote the releases. And guess what? They instantly got approved! And that’s crazy! Because they don’t have real publicity knowledge. I don’t have publicity knowledge. They probably have less experience in this whole industry than I do! And yet with Marc Harty’s Press Release Templates, getting approved and ranked was a breeze. So thank you for impacting my business in such a good way. I’m quite sure it will impact your business in a similar manner."

Kenneth Yu
Chief Marketing Officer, Spur Press

I’m ready for my share of clients, customers and coverage
– how much does this system cost?

Right now, the entire PR Traffic Template System is just $77 $29.95!

Why so low? Because this product hasn’t been marketed heavily. Yet. With such an initial low investment, we open things up to a lot more people. So we have a greater pool of case studies and success stories. And build buzz faster than ever!

Fair warning: the price could rise at ANY time!

So this is your opening to be a first mover. And put these proven and powerful techniques into action before anyone else. Or you can delay and suffer the consequences. Like continuing your path of unsatisfactory marketing results.

How About We Make This Risk-Free For Us BOTH?

Want to feel really comfortable and confident you made the absolute right decision in purchasing today? Done. That’s why I have my Going the Distance Guarantee. This guarantee is for serious buyers only. A serious buyer sees this purchase as an agreement between us. An agreement made in good faith on the good outcomes that await from implementing my system.

So if you have shown a pattern for refunding quality information products because of trivial and often artificial reasons, we’re not a fit. We don’t want your business or your money.

Now if you’ve read this far, I know you’re serious. And because of that, I make you this pledge…Because I want you to try this out and follow my system and have your own success in the next 60 days; I’m including my Going The Distance Guarantee to remove your risk almost completely…



YES, I want my PR Traffic
Templates 3.0 System now!

I want ALL the leading-edge PR tools and resources exclusive to PR Traffic Templates 3.0. I will receive online access to EVERYTHING: the video tutorials, Action Guides, Story Starters, Press Release Examples, PR Distribution Discounts and SO much more.

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